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fashion and accessories Fairflair Wedding Apparels sculptures, paintings, and new media building material and decorations

Fashion Consulting

Besides OEM business in fashion and accessories, Orientrue is supporting both domestic and overseas fashion brands with ODM and other fashion consulting services. With support from Chinese and Italian fashion design partners such as Lebelleforme, Orientrue Fashion Consulting service is comprehensive.

* Concept Design, Collection Design, & Pattern Making Assistance

* Haute Couture & Amateur Design Assistance

* VI Design & SI Design

* Trends Research,Sociacultural Research, & Strategic Consulting

Project-related product catogeries:
YARN collection
FABRIC collection
LEATHER collection
GARMENTS/CLOTHES collection -(Man/Woman/Kid)
SHOES collection
BAGS collection
ACCESSORIES collection

Wedding Apparels

Fairflair wedding apparels are custom-designed and custom-made against individual request for quotation (RFQ), and are only available for people who will take the special apparels for her special occasion as art works instead of garments. Fairflair prices the wedding apparels in three echelons in terms of exclusivity of the designs:

Fairflair Only You (a design dedicated to a single person with fairlfair undertaking of no duplication of such design ever made for a second person),

Fairflair Annual Exclusive Design (a design offered with fairlfair undertaking of no duplication of such design ever made for a second person within one-year period),and

Fairflair Limited Version (a design offered with fairflair understaking of limited quantity of duplication within defined period).

With the above-mentioned promise from Fairlfair, our proud owners of Fairflair wedding apparels are assured that they will enjoy rarity, hence every piece of a Fairflair wedding apparel will be worthy of collecting as an art piece.

In the meanwhile, Fairflair studio welcomes fashion designors and fashion design amateurs offer their own designs to enrich our design database. We make it possible for brides to wear her own design no matter she is a professional fashion designor or a desgin amateur.

Sculptures & Paintings

With cooperations with individual artists and art organizations, Orientrue is bridging artists from different countries together for exchanges and introduce them to related collectors and other parties who in interested in cooperations.

Orientrue's bridging effort includes bringing out co-works between parties in different countries, and ODM/OEM practice in sculpture-making is one of the successful examples. We have been helping our clients to optimize the design or generate designs based on client's request with either sketchs, drawings, or only concepts. Such projects range from organization logo from theme park exhibits, from statuettes to garden fountains, from bronze to steel, from stone to ceramics...


With prolific artists and experienced workmen in China, we are able to facilitate people from different countries to develop various categories of indoor and outdoor decorations.

Recent booming of LED and solar energy lights enable quite some inventions in China. We are pleased to receive your enquiry regarding your lighting applications indoor or outdoor to integrate your lumination need and esthetic need...