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Synergy Building: Consultancy & Training

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Integrated Supporting System

Integrated Supporting System is dedicated to solutions to tune in individuals to intracom "rules of game", trouble-shoot coordination problems from person-to-person level to cross-functional level and in multi-organizational projects so as to improve interpersonal, inter-functional, and inter-organizational synergy with satisfactory efficiency and effectiveness. With resource-base view, ISS shed light to or wake up people's intuition to be creative and be psychologically rewarded of being a contributor from building healthies habits of accumulation with enthusiasm to his chosen vocation. ISS offers a set concepts, motheds, and techniques tofacilitat harmonius and satisfactory ourput of business operation.

In short, establishment of integrated supporting system is not a repetition of your ISO system, VDA processes, or any other certification work done already or to be done, but to turn documentations of the system certificated or not into daily practice by adding a invisible interface between people and the system.

1). Consultancy on Synergy Enhancement

  • Trouble-shooting Inefficiency
  • Building Operation Synergy
  • Releasing Creativity Potential
  • Improving Coordination of Interorganizational Projects
  • Improving Interfunctional Coordination

2). Human Resource Development through Lectures & Workshops

  • Concepts and Soft Skills as Career Musts;
  • Communication Techniques;
  • Target Language Skill Acquisition;
In order to facilitate exchange between clients, Orientrue sponsors a managerial personnel forum (ISS Forum) and a language & cultural exchange club (Talkingpool) whose application procedures are as following:

Integrated Supporting System Forum (ISS Forum)

Forum for Business Management Elites

ISS Forum invites business management elites on board to exchange hands-on experiences and theoretical studies so as to further develop Integrated Supporting System.

People who has more than 3 years of management working experience or 8 years of teaching experience in related fields can submit the following pre-qualification package for ISS forum membership application:
  • Detailed CV
  • Min. one dissertation on business management related topic
  • Min. two recommendation l etters from managerial staff at middle or top management of an organization
Application package shall be sent to indicating "ISS Forum Membership" in subject field.


Multilingual Exchange Platform and Club

  • Free DIY Language Exchange

  • Multicultural Networking

  • Business Communication Coaching

Click here to apply your free membership with TalkingPool.

Click here to apply for your free membership with TalkingPool as a tutor, coach or teacher.

Click here to apply for Recommendation Service by TalkingPool as a School or Training Organization

QtSip Supply Chain Principle Endorser

21st Century has been witnessing clapse of industry giants one after another in the torrent of avarice in the name of financial innovation, in the name of meeting the market's need... Greed, together with its result of indifference to the appalling survival condition of the people at the lower end of supply chains, has been corrupting every parts of the supply chain in many businesses. The business world is facing only two choices, ignoring the rusts on the supply chain to keep fingers crossed as long as the domino tiles still stay intact, or clean the rusts to keep our business maintained for sustainable development. Orientrue choose our way by offering supply chain services with guidance of QtSip Principle, say Quality, Technology, Service, Integrity and Price, instead of the traditional QSTP. "Integrity" is introduced standing for Corperate Personality, intended to infuse fairness, equality, mutual benefits, mutual support, and friendship into business, simply in line with Kant's Categorical Imperative. With such consideration, we are expecting harmonious cooperations and return the elegence to members all of the supplying chain. Therefore, we pronounce QtSip as Cute Sip by consonant association. Orientrue is inviting you together to enjoy our cooperations just as to enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee... Cheers!

1) Marketing & Sales Support

  • Market Research
  • Partner Hunting
  • Functioning as Outsourced Sales Team
  • Agency
  • Distribution
  • Virtual Office

2) Project Assistance

  • Negotiation Assistance in terms of Interpretation & Consultancy
  • Contract Drafting
  • Logistic Optimization
  • Import and Export Agency

3) Global Sourcing Assistance

  • Sourcing China for European and American Clients
  • Sourcing Europe and America for Chinese Clients