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HSGM Heat Cutting Tools and Machinery   Styrocut Foam Model Maker   AZ Tyre Regroover, Rubber Cutter,Solar Cell EVA/PVB trim cutter, Cable Tray Pinch    Robuso Scissors and Shears, Electropowered Cutters, Pneumatic Cutters    Hoogs Electropowered Cutters    Schirmacher HF Welding Machine    AT Infra-Red Dashboard Foam Cavity Inspection System    Fairflair Custom-design Dresses
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Frequently Asked Questions

Supplied to China Market

Sourced to China Market

*FAQ 1:

Why does Orientrue offer products from all HSGM, AZ and STYROCUT?


As HSGM's China Coordination Office, HSGM is the first heat cutting brand Orientrue started to promote in China. Thanks to HSGM's wonderful product quality, Orientrue enjoyed the reputation of supplying quality heat cutting solutions. This fame has been exposing Orientrue to many potential customers who are interested in heat cutting solutions, some of which actually need different solutions from HSGM but from A-Z or Styrocut. With each company of these firms specializing in their own fields with obvious different focuses (market positioning), they complement each other in the heat cutting market actually. For instance, HSGM has wide general applications and is strong in automotive market, AZ has tyre industry as the core, while Styrocut is model-making application specialist. Marketing the three parties together is in line with parallel marketing strategy to synergize the marketing efforts.With help and coordination of Stephan Herrmann, General Manager of HSGM, Orientrue is now promoting three complementary brands with single marketing platform in China.

*FAQ 2:

Why are Fairflair wedding apparels much more expensive than other wedding apparels made in China?


Fairflair wedding apparels are custom-designed and custom-made against individual request for quotation (RFQ), and are only available for people who will take the special apparels for her special occasion as art works instead of garments. Fairflair prices the wedding apparels in three echelons in terms of exclusivity of the designs:

Fairflair Only You (a design dedicated to a single person with fairlfair undertaking of no duplication of such design ever made for a second person),

Fairflair Annual Exclusive Design (a design offered with fairlfair undertaking of no duplication of such design ever made for a second person within one-year period),and

Fairflair Limited Version (a design offered with fairflair understaking of limited quantity of duplication within defined period).

With the above-mentioned promise from Fairlfair, our proud owners of Fairflair wedding apparels are assured that they will enjoy rarity, hence every piece of a Fairflair wedding apparel will be worthy of collecting as an art piece.


heat cutters heat cutters heat cutters
Heat Cutting, Sealing, & Soldering Tools and Machinery applied in diversified fields such as automotive trim parts, textile, architecture, filter, membrance structure, packing, eletronic, etc.


heat cutters heat cutters heat cutters
Model-Making Foam Cutters specially designed for architects and other EPS foam model makers


heat cutters heat cutters heat cutters
Tyre Regroover, Cable Tray Cutter,& Rubber Cutter

ROBUSO Scissors and Shears:

Robuso Scissors Robuso Scissors Robuso Scissors
Shears for Technical Fibers
Electro-powered Rotary Blade Shears

HOOGS Electrical & Pneumatic Cutters

Hoogs Cutters Hoogs Cutters Hoogs Cutters
Electrical, Pneumatic Rotary Blade Cutters


Schirmacher HF Welding Machines Schirmacher HF Welding Machines Schirmacher HF Welding Machines
High Frequency Welding Machines for welding of automotive parts such as carpet, sunvisor, trunk trim, headliner and tarpaulin.

Automation Technology GmbH

Schirmacher HF Welding Machines Schirmacher HF Welding Machines Schirmacher HF Welding Machines
Infrared Dash-board Checking System

Sculptures, Paintings, Decorations

Sculptures, Paintings, & Decorations

Garments and Fashion Accessories

Apparel and fashion accessories


Bags, Auto Parts, Other Assembly and Components, etc

Bags and Other fashion accessories, toolings & molds, carpentry facilities, automotive and other vehicle parts & subassemblies, agriculture & gardening equipment, blasting media, etc.