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Integrated Supporting System

Consulting Services & Training

Towards an effective individual with satisfactory solutions;
Towards an effective organization with safistactory output.
For Organizations: On-site Diagnosis
For Groups or Individuals: On-site / Off-site Coaching
Frustrated in the projects launched by a famous World Top 500 enterprise in 1990's, some managerial staff from the mega giant and its suppliers were puzzled and questioning the existing operation system. Inter-personal communication barriers despite of language proficiency, inter-functional conflicts despite of boasting of excellent professional team, inter-company confrontations despite of written agreement defined clearly obligations of parties, and thus-incurred huge waste of engineering efforts, serious troubles in logistic, appalling lags behind schedule, etc.... Of course,these projects don't stand alone as operation problems of similar nature had been existing in many other projects and have still been pestering many companies irrespective of their proud ownership of certificates of prevailing quality systems. Is the operation system wrong or what else makes the trouble? In response to the such questions, years of study have been made to find out the fact that the operation system most probably shall not be blamed for the troubles but we need one more important assisting subsystem, an invisible interface between people and the operation system. Dedicated to visualize and systemize the interface, Integrated Supporting System (ISS) Theory offers tools to create team synergy and remedies to coordination problems in business operation.

The tasks of ISS include:
1) defining communication basics in career background;
2) defining individual legal roles of his/her own within an organization;
3) defining solution-oriented habits;
4) founding out concepts and rules to keep personal goals, project
objectives, and higher level targets in sync; and hence
5) introducing a way toward core competence growth of both
individuals and organizations.

Resource-based View, Information Flow, Resource Flow, Product Flow;
ESO, Controlled Profit, Continuing Concern, Organization Personality,
Price vs Value, Mutual Marketing;
Separate Entity, Principal-Agent Relationship, Specialty, Function,
Authorization, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Consideration;
Communication, Solution-Oriented, Grice Maxims;
Project, Objective, MBO, 1H3W;
Ego-drive, Benefiting Habits, Societal Success;
Law of the Few, Stickiness Factors;
Studying Organization, Visibility, Traceability, Systematicness, Core Competence;
Context Power;

A. Dignostic Consultancy:

Trouble-shooting Inefficiency
Building Operation Synergy
Releasing Creativity Potential
Improving Coordination of Interorganizational Projects
Improving Interfunctional Coordination

B. Workshops, Seminars & Networking Events

1) Workshop for Bilingual Business Communication
汉语BBC(I.1): Transition between Ivory Tower and Workplace
汉语BBC(I.2): Rookies' Must's
汉语BBC(II.1): Survival in Bilingual Career Settings
汉语BBC(II.2): Survival in Bilingual Business
汉语BBC(III.1): Growing Savvy in Bilingual Career Settings
汉语BBC(III.2): Growing Savvy in Bilingual Business

Free-of-charge introductive sessions available! Click here to download our invitation.

2) Seminars and Networking Events for ISS Forum & ISS-BBC Club Members

Welcome to contact our consulting and coaching team:
Tel: + 86 21 6115 9215
Fax: + 86 21 6115 9212

Integrated Supporting System Forum (ISS Forum)

Forum for Business Management Elites

ISS Forum invites business management elites on board to exchange hands-on experiences and theoretical studies so as to further develop Integrated Supporting System.

People who has more than 3 years of management working experience or 8 years of teaching experience in related fields can submit the following pre-qualification package for ISS forum membership application:
  • Detailed CV

  • Min. one dissertation on business management related topic

  • Min. two recommendation letters from managerial staff at middle or top management of an organization

Application package shall be sent to indicating "ISS Forum Membership" in subject field.


Multilingual Exchange Platform and Club

  • Free DIY Language Exchange

  • Multicultural Networking

  • Business Communication Coaching

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Partners in Communication Training & Language Acquisition Programs:

Win The Room

Represented by
Ms. Kelly Hadous
  • Guest Lecturer and Mentor at NYU Poly-Tech
  • Resident Instructor at General Assembly
  • Cofounder & Organizer of the Stamford Tech Meetup
  • Presenter, TEDx Silicon Alley, Conversation and Technology

English Tutors Online

Represented by
Mr. David Mason, M. Ed.
  • Founder, Educator, and Chief Operator of since 2006
  • English Educator since 2003
  • Master of Education in Teaching English from University of Minnesota / Twin Cities
  • Full time English Language Arts teacher for Colorado Public Schools
  • Adjunct Professor of Writing--Colorado Mesa University: 2007-2011
Mr. David McArtor, M.A.
  • University of Idaho: M.A. in TESL; B.A. in Spanish; B.S in Interdisciplinary Studies: English/Anthropology
  • Introductory Writing Instructor of ESL Students: University of Idaho: 2011
  • ESL Instructor of Primarily East Asian Backgrounds: Murdoch Language Centre--Perth Australia
  • Studied Spanish, Portuguese, Kichwa, Norwegian, and German

Mia Solituro ESL Communications

Represented by
Miss Mia Salituro
  • Coaching for PR and Business Communications
  • Coaching for interview preparation such as landing a new job, pitching to an investor, giving a powerful presentation,etc.

Advisors and Consultants:

Mr Ping ZHU
  • Post-PhD in Foreign Language and Literature from Nanjing University
  • Prof. of English at Suzhou Science University
  • Deputy Director of Foreign Language College of SSU
  • Guest Prof. at University of Texas at Austin (2007)
  • Guest Prof. at University of California-Los Angele (2012-13)
  • Researches: English Language and Teaching Methodology
Mrs Hongmei TANG
  • Ph.D. Candidate in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language at Communication University of China
  • Foreign Language Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
  • Associate Prof. of English at Anhui University of Science and Technology
  • Researches: linguistics, control theory, and teaching methodology
Mr Melvin LI
    M.A. in International Business English from Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
  • Wrote "Success with Interview: communication techniques and their application in career and business settings"
  • Edited "An Introduction of Integrated Supporting System"
  • Drafted contract and agreement templates for Ford JV YFV in China
  • Former China-US Trading Association Business Dept Deputy Manager
  • Former Ford Joint Venture YFV Purchasing Manager
  • Former Huate Autoparts Foreign Trade Director
  • Orientrue Chief Consultant